Cat Flap Fitter Manchester

We fit all Types of cat flap to all types of substrate. We fit to Glass, upvc doors, wooden doors and through walls. We are experts in fitting catflaps seamlessly in your property.

We aim to fit your cat or dog flap at a competitive price always. Our prices also reflect the quality of our work, you won't be dissapointed.

If you have a large cat or small dog we can fit a flap to suit your needs. Relax and give your dogs the freedom to come in and out of the house as they please.

Microchip Catflaps allow you to have a modern cat flap fitted without worrying about other cats entering your property, only your cat can enter with the small microchip  hanging to its collar.

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"Fix-It are a firm you can trust to complete the job to the highest standards at the right price"

"Fix-It are a firm you can trust to complete the job to the highest standards at the right price"

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Cat Flaps

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Microchip Flaps

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Microchip Cat Flap Fitting

Dog Flap Fitter Manchester

4 Way Cat or dog flaps - You can select whether you want to allow your cat or dog in or out/just out/or just in.


Cat or Dog Flap 2 Way - Opens both directions all the time unless locked.


Cat or Dog Flap Infrared Collar Key - Works in the same way as a 4 way flap but uses infrared technology (flap comes with collar and fob.


Cat or Dog Flap magnetic type - This uses magnetic fob allowing only a cat or dog weraing one to enter the flap.


Microchip Cat or Dog Flap - Recognises only the micro chip around your cat or dogs neck.



Cat Flaps

We can supply your Cat or Dog flaps too saving you time and in some cases money, we know what we are talking about, which cat or dog flaps are good quality and which ones are best to use in what type of substrate. Eg walls, windows etc.


When you need a cat or dog flap fitting through a double glazed window you will need a whole new piece of glass making out of reinforced glass to accomadate your purchase, we utilise the services of a local glazier and can measure, supply and fit replacement glass as required. You can either keep your old glass in case you want it refitted at a later date or we can dispose of it for you.







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